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Willitts/Dezendorf - Dragon Galloper (English)
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Dezendorf - English Dragon Galloper

English Musical Roundabout with Dragon Galloper

One of four created with backgrounds, and each one showcasing a particular style (American, English, German, and French) of carousel horse.

The base contains a music box that plays "Here, There, and Everywhere". 

The horse on this carousel shows the typical English configuration - English carousels (roundabouts) rotated opposite to those of the rest of the world (clockwise rather than counter-clockwise), so the romance side (most decorated side) was on the left side of the horse rather than the right.  The reason for the opposite rotation was that the counter-clockwise rotation of regular carousels encouraged poor horsemanship - it caused the riders to mount their horses on the improper side.   The backpiece mural depicts St. George and the Dragon. 
This piece was limited to a run of 9500 total.

The average price of this piece when new was $85-$125.

Carousel Memories/Classics - by Ann Dezendorf for Willitts Designs