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Carousel Figures
Carousels by IGI/Carousel Parade
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Large and small carousels made by Impulse Giftware.   The hallmark of an IGI piece seems to be in the placement of the carousel pole...they go through the center of the saddle instead of in front of it.    A real carousel horse would never be configured this way...there would be no place for the rider to sit if it were.


This picture shows the basic size configurations these figures came in. 

X-Large Carousels (12" and greater)

IGI-American Carousel

Large Carousels (9" - 12")

IGI - Looff Jeweled
IGI-PTC Armored
IGI-Carmel Jumper
IGI - Stein and Goldstein Armored
IGI - PTC/Zalar

Medium Carousels (5" - 8")

Small Carousels (under 5")