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Willitts/Fraley - Dentzel Carousel Cat
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Tobin Fraley Dentzel Cat
Dentzel cat photo courtesy of the Monasmith family, Hemet, CA

Dentzel Cat

This is an Introductory Edition Tobin Fraley, produced in 1986.  This piece came with a rectangular brass base as shown, and also with an oak music-box base, with a porcelain canopy held up by two brass poles.  This piece is about 7" to the top of the pole, (and about 12"-13" to the top of the canopied-base figure, though the animal is the same size in both cases).  The brass base had a production run of 15,000 and the canopied-base figure had a production run of 9500 total. 

The average price of this piece when new was $50-$100 (depending on which base it was on).

Tobin Fraley - The American Carousel Collection (Willitts)