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Major (PJ's)
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PJ's Carousel Collection - Major

Muller Horse - "Major"

This horse is really what "started it all" for me - though it took me almost 18 years to actually lay hands on one of my own.  I wanted it the first time I ever saw it, but could not afford it - and then could never find it again when I could.
I'm not positive on this horse's name - the name "Major" for this figure was given to me by the current owner of PJ's, Jim McDaniel (who was patient through my many requests about the horse when I was still trying to find it or even any information about it).  It's old enough that it doesn't have the name stamped on the bottom.

This piece is much larger than most PJ's, it stands approximately 18" to the top of the pole.  It's been retired for probably almost as long as I've been looking for it (1985 was the first and last time I'd seen one new).   The pic below shows a comparison between "Major" and two other Muller figures, "Ghost" and "Sabre".

Major, Ghost, and Sabre - PJ's Carousel Collection

Needless to say, I wouldn't part with this one!

PJ's Carousel Collection