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A series of horses created by PJ's Carousel Collection, of Newbern, Virginia. The company has had two different owners since its inception. The 'older' PJ's can usually be identified by the lack of clear-coating, though some of the later models also had the clear-coat applied. The earliest PJ's models did not have serial numbers on them, only a foil tag identifying them as PJ's.  The name of the horse is usually ink-stamped on the bottom of the wood base.

PJ's Cherokee
PJ's Eagle
PJ's Hawk
PJ's Bugler
PJ's Spirit
PJ's Rose
PJ's Carousel Collection - Soldier
PJ's Cupid
PJ's Carousel Collection - Major
PJ's Zebra
PJ's Ghost
PJ's Sphinx
PJ's Sabre
More information, including a full list of active figures and a very partial list of retired ones, can be found at the PJ's website.  Active figures may also be purchased online from there.